Residence in Kreisau (Krzyżowa)

The Young Sound Forum of Central Europe is orchestra in residence in Kreisau (Krzyżowa)

Lower Silesia (Poland)

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe is an independent Polish public benefit institution which seeks to support tolerant and peaceful coexistence of nations, social groups and individuals in Europe. The departments of the Foundation include the International Youth Meeting Centre, the European Academy and the Memorial Site.

The Krzyzowa Foundation is situated in the former palace and estate of the von Moltke family in Krzyżowa, Lower Silesia. The Foundation's conference centre offers facilities for cultural and social events including conferences, seminars and training. Proceeds from program and accommodations revenues stay within the organization, supporting the Foundation's operating expenses and other non-profit activities.

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe
Krzyżowa 7
PL 58 -112
Tel. + 48 74 8 500 300
Fax + 48 74 8 500 305
E-mail: mdsm@krzyzowa.org.pl

International Conference Centre
E-mail: recepcja@krzyzowa.pl